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i'll burn that bridge when i come to it


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"Sheets are just too hard right now, Evans,
Agreed, Potter.”
Taken by the bedroom camera on the day Lily moved in.
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You’ve got an awfully kissable mouth.

— F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bernice Bobs Her Hair - via fitzgeraldquotes (via perfect)

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Looking forward to the new Thor.
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Kate Macdowell, Daphne, 2007 (via ronulicny)
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alternatives to “it was all just a dream”

  • it was all just a story the narrator heard somebody else tell on the bus
  • it was all just somebody rambling after getting their wisdom teeth out
  • it was all just a feature length puppet show
  • it was all just a set of cave paintings
  • it was all just a frighteningly elaborate set of instructions on the back of a microwaveable meal
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pebblemagic asked: so my school is a little obsessed with lucille clifton's works because she used to teach here, and they gave us a copy of "i am accused of tending to the past" and it really made me think of you/this blog/this mission poemhunter[.]com/best-poems/lucille-clifton/i-am-accused-of-tending-to-the-past/


Thanks! I’ve always enjoyed it.

i am accused of tending to the past
i am accused of tending to the past
as if i made it,
as if i sculpted it
with my own hands. i did not.
this past was waiting for me
when i came,
a monstrous unnamed baby,
and i with my mother’s itch
took it to breast
and named it
she is more human now,
learning languages everyday,
remembering faces, names and dates.
when she is strong enough to travel
on her own, beware, she will.

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